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How do you get a list of who likes a Facebook page?

The "like" list isn't readily clickable on Facebook pages, but it IS there. You've just got to know how to enter it.

Two useful examples are the "friended fans of" and the "people who like" lists. You've got to know the Facebook ID of the page you wish to look up the list of, this can be easily found by copying the address from the address bar, going to and pasting it in.

This ID is then used as shown below (replace 12345678 with the ID of the page you wish to check).

To get a list of friends who like a particular page:-

To get a list of EVERYONE who likes a particular page:-

The "everyone" search can also be daisy-chained, so you can enter two page IDs and search for people who only like both:-

I've tried with three or four but Facebook just gives the names of the last two pages and a spinning progress wheel of death.

You can also combine with country info to find all fans from a particular country, for example India (the code in blue, just search Facebook for a country name to find this):-

Here are some examples you may be interested in (most are run by either Britain First or Jim Dowson, as identified by the "We Were Banned By Britain First" Facebook page):-

Page Name Facebook ID Friend Fans All Fans
Britain First 300455573433044 Click Here Click Here
British Freedom 994751613913784 Click Here Click Here
British Movement 105526592813402 Click Here Click Here
Daily Video Virals 721060031363275 Click Here Click Here
EDL - English Defence League 1078512562181459 Click Here Click Here
English and Proud 976084059102967 Click Here Click Here
English Defence League 107639155932020 Click Here Click Here
English Defence League Sikh Division - EDL 384177565016061 Click Here Click Here
First World War 100 Years Remembered 1472394839655960 Click Here Click Here
Freedom Of Speech Productions 1429300043967576 Click Here Click Here
Front National 21254500749 Click Here Click Here
I Am Proud To Be British 689864361047237 Click Here Click Here
I Am Proud To Wear My Poppy* 1472390089702481 Click Here Click Here
Jayda Fransen 303920943326669 Click Here Click Here
Jesus Is Lord 1052927034781044 Click Here Click Here
Knights Templar International 1406507619645512 Click Here Click Here
Knights Templar International - Novus Ordo Militiae 367695643409602 Click Here Click Here
Krisztus és Salamon Templomának Szegény Katonai Közössége 1493136507649636 Click Here Click Here
Leave.EU 794492093982367 Click Here Click Here
Lionheart GB 604277369671800 Click Here Click Here
Love GB #2 739884909527135 Click Here Click Here
Love Britain Vote UKIP 1506585786273692 Click Here Click Here
Make St.Georges Day A Public Holiday 203131436845938 Click Here Click Here
New Daily Patriot Media Centre 433629763479815 Click Here Click Here
News Bison 1124869580879410 Click Here Click Here
newschicken 763969597041944 Click Here Click Here
Patriot News 176779509424137 Click Here Click Here
Patriot Vids 1493333750951811 Click Here Click Here
Paul Golding 100009772936722 Click Here Click Here
The Patriot Store 743110365777990 Click Here Click Here
President Trump - Make America Great Again 100399280390833 Click Here Click Here
The New Daily Patriot 209224299115597 Click Here Click Here
This is England Forever 921722097862164 Click Here Click Here
United Patriots Front 106736366327491 Click Here Click Here
Visegrad News 988383844584280 Click Here Click Here
Who likes both? Britain First AND UK Independence Party (UKIP) Click Here

Some credit must of course go to the website which uses similar search functionality to provide more detailed information than Facebook's own searches and which seeded the idea of performing the same searches on pages instead of people.

More search terms which can be used to narrow down the list (married male actors who are fans of two pages, employed by company X and live in Manchester, anyone?) can be found here.

Disclaimer: These are not "hacks", this search mechanism has been available for years. If your boss sacks you for being a member of Britain First then don't blame me for posting a search query and don't blame your boss for preserving his company's reputation by weeding out vermin. There's only one person you can blame, and that's this guy.

*You will NOT buy official poppies at the "I Am Proud To Wear My Poppy" or "I Wear My Poppy With Pride" pages, both of which regularly provide links to other extremist pages listed here. The official Royal British Legion Facebook page - where you can buy poppies without funding extremism - is here.

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Devout religious man, scheming manipulator or total nutjob?

This was posted by a friend on Facebook as a series of Facebook Messenger screenshots, the recipient of the "well-meaning" Christian's message was my friend's now (as a result) ex-girlfriend.
Is this twenty-something guy interested in what "He" wants for the girl, or what he secretly wants for himself?
Incidentally he apparently found Porn (and plenty of it) before he found God; from "glory holes" to "Glory Be" I suppose.

My dearest Sarah*

I sincerely meant what I said in the wedding speech that I think of you as my sister. I have done for a long time. You are a very special person and very dear to Nicola and myself. But I simply must get this off my chest and I hope you will take the time to read it and consider and pray about what I am about to say. It's not easy for me to do this. I would rather bury my head in the sand than tell you what I'm about to tell you. But I cannot ignore what the Bible says about correcting and rebuking our brothers and sisters (2 Tim 4:2-3). I cannot ignore Jesus' own words when He tells us to go after those who are disobeying Him and to do so in love and to do so carefully (Matt 18). Frankly, I have wanted to speak to you for a while now. I would rather have spoken to you personally, but I just don't see you as much as I would like. So this will have to do. At least I can think carefully about what to say and write what I mean carefully. That's the advantage of a FB message.

I have noticed that for over a year you've been interested in chaps who don't follow your Lord Jesus Christ. Curtis was the first, I believe. Then another (was it Simon?), whose mum was a Christian. And now Andrew. I've no doubt these are all nice guys. I've no doubt Andrew is a good man. But we have to face the fact that he is not a follower of Jesus Christ. And also, you really have no assurance that he ever will become a Christian. Paul writes in 1st Corinthians 7 to wives who have unbelieving husbands: 'How do you now whether you will save your husband?' We just don't know these things. Andrew may never become a Christian. So you cannot just think that dating him is ok, because through it he might get saved. That's unwise to think that. It's grasping onto an uncertain hope that he might one day be saved. It may never, ever happen and your life will be miserable if he doesn't become one. Many women have experienced the tragedy of marrying non-Christian men and watching them year after year, decade after decade reject their Lord and Saviour.

I know why women marry non-Christian men. It's because there aren't enough godly men around for them to marry. And so it becomes a huge temptation for Christian women to date and then marry non-Christian men. But that's exactly what it is, temptation. It's not anything good. It's not godly to date a non-Christian or marry one. It's a bad example to set for other believers, especially other young women your own age. You're on the worship team at Guildford and eyes are on you and your life. You don't realise it, but people are watching you and your example. And Paul tells Timothy, a man in the lime-light, to 'watch your life and your understanding of truth with all carefulness'. You are in the lime-light, and you need to watch your life! Your example speaks volumes. Because you are dating a non-believer, other young women will undoubtedly want to follow your example, or use your example as an excuse to do the same. And they might get very hurt. That's not showing love for your sisters in Christ. And I fear you're excusing your own actions in dating a non-Christian simply because other girls have done the same! Their bad example has caused you to do the same. You think it's ok but it's not.

You may be wondering: 'Where does it say in the Bible that it's wrong to date a non-Christian?' Well, I have a few things for you to consider to answer that question. Firstly, I want you to consider your calling in life. Is it not to follow Jesus? Is it not to obey God, to 'love the Lord with all your heart, soul, mind and strength'? So He comes first, yes? But is He first in this aspect of your life? Or are you dating Andrew to please yourself? Also, consider what God has made you. He has made you a transmitter of His gospel! God has given you the task of saving sinners, not satisfying them! But you are satisfying Andrew by dating him and kissing him. You aren't doing much to save him from Hell and everlasting destruction. I think, really, it seems your main focus is on him to be yours, not for him to be Christ's. That's bad. That means you're not doing what God wants you to do. You're focusing more on what you and Andrew want and not what God wants.

Secondly, Amos 3:2 says: 'How can two walk together unless they are in agreement?' That passage establishes an important principle: two people cannot have a relationship of any serious kind unless they are in agreement. You are a Christian. The most basic emphasis of your heart and life should be that you love and follow the Lord Jesus Christ. Andrew does not have that same emphasis or love. How, then, can you ever expect to have a happy life with him or a happy relationship with him? At some point, one of you or both of you is going to get very badly hurt. And don't forget that Andrew has been hurt before by dating a Christian girl. And I don't think it's very kind or thoughtful of you to have allowed him to fall into the same situation again of dating a Christian when you knew about this. He doesn't know any better. But you do, I'm sure of it. I know you know deep down that what you are doing is wrong. But you're too smitten with him and too focused on what you want that you won't acknowledge God's will here.

Another reason why it's wrong for you to be doing this is that Paul tells believers in Corinth: 'Do not be joined together with unbelievers! For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness? ... What does a believer have in common with and unbeliever?' (2 Corinthians 6:14-15). Exactly! What do you have in common with Andrew? You might say, 'A lot! He likes what I like! He makes me laugh!' But deep down, what do you have in common? When it comes down to it, he does not want your God. Paul doesn't mean to say that we shouldn't befriend unbelievers. But Paul does mean that we shouldn't fool around with them and do the things they do and live as they live. And that includes dating them and marrying them. Dating and marrying unbelievers joins us with them in a way that Paul says is wrong.

Another Scriptural principle is the whole matter of God's people marrying those who are not God's people. In the Old Testament, there is little that upsets God so much as when His own dear people marry those who are not followers of Himself. It basically shows a dissatisfaction with God and with His people. God and His people are not enough to satisfy, so you have to marry outside the group. The Bible is clear as day that believers should not marry unbelievers. Ezra 9 and 10 shows this, and for a simple one verse proof, 1 Corinthians 7:39 proves it: 'A woman is bound to her husband as long as he lives. But if her husband dies, she is free to marry anyone she wishes, but he must belong to the Lord.' He must belong to the Lord. Also, Sarah, notice the incredible importance of a marriage commitment in God's eyes. 'A woman is bound to her husband as long as he lives.' You had better think very, very carefully before marrying a non-believer, because you will be bound to him for life if this happens, which is not what God wants for you. Marriage is so important. It unites two people together for life. It's permanent! Be very careful about who you marry - that's the point! As Adam waited for Eve, his perfect companion, I pray you would wait for the perfect companion God has for you! I'm surprised you haven't taken properly to heart the great troubles that have come to your mum, Sharon, who is married to your dear Dad, an unbeliever. It has caused her great sorrow. It's just one example of what happens when Christians marry non-Christians, though of course in your mum's case, she's innocent because she wasn't a Christian when she married Geoff. But she's still had to bear the consequences! How much worse must it be for a young Christian woman who willingly goes against God's word and marries a non-believer?

You may be thinking, 'But I'm not thinking of marrying Andrew. So why, David, are you talking to me about marriage?' Because, Sarah, my dear sister - dating is the first step to marriage! And I challenge you that if you aren't thinking of the possibility of marrying Andrew, why are you dating him at all? He is 30, yes? He is thinking of settling down, is he not? Surely marriage is on his mind. But I've just told you that this cannot happen if you want to obey God and please God and show your love for God. You should not marry him. It will bring war to your life. You cannot marry someone in Satan's army and expect to have peace - it just cannot happen! But if you are not thinking of marrying him, then why are you dating him at all? Why are you messing him about? He's been messed about before - why do that to him again? Isn't this selfishness? You aren't thinking about what's best for him in this. You might think you are, but you aren't.

I've tried to tell you before that being in a relationship is not the best thing in the world! Christ is! God is! Walking with God and doing His will is the greatest thing in the universe! 'Those who do the will of God live forever!' (1 John 2:17). The will of God and walking with Him is what life is all about - not about being with someone. I will share something with you now. Before I got engaged to Nicola, I prayed very sincerely to the Lord: 'Lord, if you really do not want me to marry Nicola, for whatever reason, then please show me clearly and cause me to call the whole thing off.' I don't think Nicola knows about that, but I prayed it and I really meant it. I didn't pray it because I didn't adore her or love her. I prayed it because God's will was more important to me than anything else - what He wants! Do you share that same attitude? I don't think you are thinking about what's best for God. I've been trying to show you that God is displeased with what you're occupying your life with at the moment. And I've prayed that God will discipline you for it, because He's your Father and He's a good Father and He loves you. He hasn't passed by this, or failed to take note of it. So be sure that He will deal with it. I hope you'll learn the lesson quickly. I pray you won't do this again, for your own sake and the sake of others and the sake of your Father's honour. I pray you will learn permanently that it is wrong to mess about with unbelievers in this way. Again, you are called to save them, not satisfy them! It's best for you to break off the relationship with Andrew. It's best for Andrew, it's best for your Christian brothers and sisters and it's best for your walk with God to call the whole thing off. If you really wanted God and His will, you will do this. You must seek God on this issue and really ask Him: 'If you want me to break this off, then show me clearly. And help me to do what is right and best, because I love You and I want to do what You want me to do. You saved my soul; I owe You my life.' I know it's not going to be easy to do this, my lovely sister. But if you want to obey God, that's the cost. Besides, may I lovingly remind you that you got yourself into this situation? And if you don't marry Andrew, one day you're going to have to break up with him anyway - because he's not going to break up with you. It is your choice to make and it's better you make it sooner rather than later, for his sake and yours.

I was troubled about you beforehand with Curtis because I could see your interest in him. But I hoped you wouldn't unite yourself to an unbeliever - that's what dating is in our society. People will see you as a couple now. People won't see you as a Christian, but as Andrew's girlfriend. He even has on his FB page a picture of you two kissing. It doesn't honour Christ, my dear sister! You're worth more than that! It dishonours the Lord who died to save you from silly things like this. Where is your heart at the moment? With Christ? Or with Andrew? It breaks your own sister's heart to see you doing this and it will hurt her even more if you continue. It causes me personally great concern to see you falling away from your Lord Jesus Christ, when He should be the supreme focus in your life. You sung so beautifully at our wedding about Jesus. But now your example is singing a different song.

Please hear what I've said. Please don't twist what I've said in your own heart. I know I can say things imperfectly, but I've written this out of the deepest concern I have for you and for your relationship with God. Why would you choose second best? Why will you not wait for the Christ-like, godly man God has kept for you? And if God never brings someone along, why won't you be satisfied with His decision? He is your Lord and Master, not you. He calls the shots. Why waste yourself and your life and the Christian you could be just for personal pleasure and selfish satisfaction? It's just not worth it.

You have all my love and concern and prayers. I love you dearly, as I hope you can see. Pass by my frankness and blunt honesty for the sake of my love for you.

For more information on this topic, look here now:

David xxx xxx

*Names and locations have been changed to protect the not-as-innocent-as-they-claim-to-be.

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APC UPS cable pinout
APC non-standard serial cable details.

APC 940-0625A

These are used with the newer models such as the SMT series. One end is a 9-pin female serial connector, the other a 10-pin RJ50 connector (like an Ethernet plug but with two more pins).

In the 9-pin connector pins 1 (DCD) and 4 (DTR) are connected together, as are 7 (RTS) and 8 (CTS).

DB9S    RJ50
1 \
2  |         2     Black
3  |         8     Brown
4 /
5            7     Red
7    \
8    /
S           4     Black

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Troubleshooting the APC UPS and other UPS's

This page was originally hosted at but the domain has expired. A copy is now hosted here as the information is VERY useful if you have APC UPSes.

Troubleshooting the APC UPS and other UPS's
APC Smart UPS troubleshooting, battery problems, bug fixes and troubleshooting for most UPS systems.

APC Smart UPS Voltage Gain Bug:
If you have a older APC Smart UPS and are having many strange problems with batteries, freeze ups, etc. chances are it's because of a bug that I have identified and confirmed in most older APC Smart UPS systems. There is a easy fix but please read this document in full to understand it.

APC UPS units are well built power inversion systems. However, problems do arise and in most cases it's not the direct fault of the UPS system but instead the consumable batteries.
This problem and technique applies to all UPS systems, regardless of make.
Top APC (and non-APC) UPS Symptoms:
  • Cooling Fan (if present) turns on and off constantly or does not shut off
  • Loud continuous beep from UPS system
  • Battery light comes on
  • UPS System shuts down with no LED's, no response and a continuous beep (common to the Smart UPS)
  • Internal relays "click" on and off repeatedly (common to the APC BG1500 Pro)
  • Serial communication and/or SNMP Card "freeze" and communication is lost
  • Unit must be unplugged and battery disconnected to reset
Most would attribute many of the above to a internal UPS fault or other UPS related failure. However, 95%+ of the time the above symptoms are related to battery issues. Even if you put new batteries in and continue to have the above problem, it's still the fault of the batteries and I will explain why.
Most lead acid batteries ship semi-charged, the charge level varies between them.
Most of the larger APC (and non-APC) UPS systems use higher voltages to reduce the size and weight of the transformer (thinner windings), reduce the size of DC battery cables and reduce the circuit board trace sizes (higher voltage means lower current). Common voltages include 24V, 48V and on some UPS systems even 120 VDC and above. The small UPS systems use a 12V (single) battery and rarely have the above problems, here is why:
While the larger voltage UPS's use higher voltages of 24 VDC and above, the batteries are still 12 VDC. So, to accomplish the voltage required the batteries are wired in a series configuration such as: - [-12v+]-[-12v+] + 24
We will use for example the APC Smart UPS 1400:
- Battery Voltage of 24VDC
- Unit uses (4) 12V batteries in (2) banks of 12 Volts, each of the 2 banks are in parallel, together both banks give 24 VDC.

- System by default maintains a charge/float voltage of 27.60 VDC, divide that by 2 and you get 13.80 VDC per 12VDC battery. Within range on most sealed lead acid batteries. (13.80/6 = 2.3 VDC per cell)
- As the battery pack (4 batteries) ages, some of the batteries may wear more then others which bring the serial configuration out of sync. In other words, 1 of the 4 batteries may actually have less voltage. So what happens is the voltage the unit is looking for cannot be maintained and the UPS system continues to charge even though the other batteries may be fully charged.
Now as a battery reaches full charge its current draw drops off and because the batteries are in series the other battery with a lower voltage in the serial array never can reach it's full charge. The UPS system senses the final voltage is reduced and when it cannot bring it up to the specified voltage, the unit triggers either a "Bad Battery" alarm or the unit shuts itself down to prevent damage.
The "Bad Battery" condition is triggered when:
  • [Most common] The battery pack stops drawing current before the "full" voltage threshold is reached. This will happen when a battery legitimately goes bad and it will no longer take a charge because of plate sulfation, loss of electrolyte or plate damage. But in other cases and even for new batteries this alarm can be triggered because one battery becomes full in the serial chain preventing the others from charging and the final battery pack output voltage is lower then the "full" voltage threshold. This is known as current controlled charging. Remember, as a battery charges it's current flow is reduced. When current tapers off but the voltage is still too low a "Bad Battery" alarm is triggered. Some older APC Smart UPS systems have a bug in the voltage gain parameter sometimes causing "Bad Battery" conditions to be triggered falsly because the voltage gain parameter is set too high. Luckily, there is a fairly simple fix.
  • The battery continues to draw the same amount of current and the voltage does not change within a preset time.
  • Too much current draw indicating a internal battery short or wiring short.
  • Battery temperature (for units equipped with a sensor) is too high. Often a bad battery or internal battery short.
    Sometimes the thermistor will also go bad and report incorrect temperatures.
NOTE: APC UPS systems including the APC Smart UPS, the APC BR series and APC Back UPS are very sensitive to battery packs (banks) that are un equalized. Sometimes, the system will not even report a "Bad Battery" condition but instead exhibit erratic behavior such as unit turning on and off, relays clicking, fans turning on/off, beeping, and system freezes. To fix this apply the battery bank equalization charge as described below. If using a APC Smart UPS also apply the voltage gain fix.
Many times people will install new batteries and it will work but sometimes it still triggers a "Bad Battery" alarm and they fault the UPS System. However, when you order new batteries nothing says that the voltage of all of them will be the same and so when you connect them you will still be out of range or not synchronized.
Equalization Technique:
Read this very carefully a few times to make sure you fully understand this. Failure to do so could destroy your UPS system and/or batteries.
  • Get new batteries (or try it with your current batteries)
  • Wire all of the batteries in parallel together (+ goes to +, - goes to -)
  • Use a volt meter to confirm your batteries are in parallel, if right you should read around 12 VDC (if charged)
  • If your batteries are not charged, charge them in the parallel configuration above using a regular battery charger
  • Now, we have to apply a equalization charge of 15VDC. Look for a wall transformer (or other source) that outputs 15VDC, if using just the internal battery pack look for one with at least 250mA output.
  • Connect the 15VDC source to the parallel wired bank and let it sit for 2-4 hours
  • After this is done disconnect the 15 VDC source, wire the batteries back in to the normal serial configuration, test the output is around 26-27VDC and connect it to the UPS system.
  • Your problems should now be gone!
Some battery chargers also have a equalization feature that will increase voltage to 15VDC for 2-4 hours. Only apply the 15 VDC equalization charge to fully charged batteries or this process will not work.
If using a 48VDC unit or above, the reading are different but still apply a 15VDC equalization charge with all batteries in parallel. Remember, make sure the batteries are in parallel to do the manual charge and equalization, not series!
In short, battery banks go out of "sync" and need to be equalized, even if they're brand new. Manufacturing processes often cause small voltage fluctuations between batteries and the UPS systems do not like this.
In some cases, the Smart UPS systems have trouble even after the above steps. From thorough testing and experimenting I have found that older model APC Smart UPS systems are operating at too high of a battery voltage gain causing all types of problems. The good news is that the APC Smart UPS charge controller is powered by a on-board microcontroller, and thus we will change it so that it's running at the correct setting, a big bug APC apparently fixed with newer revisions.

APC Smart UPS Battery Voltage Gain Bug and Fix:
Older model APC Smart UPS have a bug in the voltage gain, it's flat out wrong. It cooks batteries, causes premature battery failures, and all sorts of other problems including the system freezing up and shutting down AC power to the load. Even serial communications is lost in some instances requiring complete AC and DC disconnection. Almost all of these issues are in older Smart UPS systems running at around 2.3 VDC per cell voltages. Follow these instructions to reprogram the system voltage gain and solve your problems.
The following only applies to the APC SmartUPS. The below instructions are for the APC SmartUPS 1400 or any SmartUPS with a battery voltage of 24VDC. On 48VDC units, use 54.24 instead of 27.20. (or 2.26 VDC per cell)
  • Connect your serial (APC) cable to the UPS and your computer
  • Make sure the APC monitor service if installed is stopped otherwise the serial port will be in use.
  • Open hyperterminal (On Windows start->run hypertrm)
  • Create a new connection on the proper com port and use 2400 baud, 8-N-1 Xon/Xoff)
  • Press Shift+Y you will get SM
  • press 1 - wait a second - press 1 again
  • you should see PROG
  • type B
  • A value of 27.XX should be read back. On older Smart UPS systems with the mentioned bug you will see 27.60, 27.67 or in some cases even higher. Newer revisions use 27.30, but even that is not our perfect setting and can cause issues. We're going to reprogram the system's EEPROM all together for the perfect setting.
  • Press the - key (minus) then press B
  • Repeat this step above until you see 27.20 (If you're on a 48VDC unit select 54.24)
  • Confirm the setting of 27.20 by pressing B again
  • Press Shift+R to exit
  • Close hyperterminal
  • Reset your unit (Disconnect battery and AC)
  • You're done! If you didn't equalize your batteries, do it and the unit will function even better.
NOTE: Based on reported information and personal knowledge it seams as though these older units only became real problematic as they aged. I believe that the abnormally high voltage gain combined with component rating drift (due to age) also contributed to the erratic behavior mentioned. The lowered voltage gain I specified above will also help compensate for this drift.
By following the above instructions your unit will try to maintain a battery voltage of 13.56 volts (per battery) which eliminates many false alarms and will also greatly increase battery life and solve almost all of your problems. Combined with the equalization technique your system will last reliably for many years on new batteries. After the above change your unit is basically brought up to the newer revision. The voltage gain fix is the most major difference. 13.56 VDC is the lower range float voltage for most SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) batteries and also in range for flooded-cell lead acid batteries. Running each battery at 13.56 VDC (2.26 VDC per cell, or 27.20 in series) will significantly extend the life of the batteries but when using this voltage it is recommended to apply a 15VDC equalization charge every 6 months to maintain very long life. In many cases, UPS battery life's of up to 5 years!
There is actually a whole science behind float voltages and my highly tested advice does vary but in this case, 2.26 VDC per cell is best because of reduced charging temperatures, reduced battery gassing/electrolyte evaporation and better charging across a wide variety of temperatures. For extended battery life and reliability, there is a very slight decrease in battery capacity but is unnoticeable. I could get in to a whole other discussion on the physics behind lead acid batteries but please just take my advice, and you will be very satisfied with the outcome.
I also chose this voltage also because it allows us to use both SLA and regular car batteries (flooded cell) together, something the APC was not designed for but can now handle with this fix.
Although unconfirmed, it is my belief that APC was aware of this voltage gain problem and is why they were exchanging units with newer revisions. It would also explain why some APC Smart UPS use 27.67 VDC and others use 27.30 VDC voltage gains. Now that your unit is out of warranty, it's the only option to fix your unit.
The above information should fix about 95%+ of APC related issues. The equalization technique works with ALL UPS systems using multiple batteries in serial, basically any voltage 24VDC or above.
I have seen the strangest problems in UPS systems of all different manufacturers, it turns out almost always relating to the batteries being out of sync and/or the voltage gain bug. This is information you cannot find anywhere as APC and other sources just tell you to replace the battery and if it fails still replace the unit, not always our favored choice. You should change the voltage gain too even if the equalization technique solved your problems because it will also prevent future problems.

Get tremendous run time from your APC Smart UPS XL System using 2 or more automotive batteries
  • Apply the Voltage Gain Fix above (factory voltage too high for these batteries)
  • Purchase 2 12V car batteries (Walmart has them from $55/each)
  • Purchase 2 battery cables with battery post connectors (Walmart $5/each)
  • Purchase 2 battery post connectors (Walmart $1.54/each)
  • Purchase the external battery pack connector (Made by Anderson Power Products) available from powerwerx ($6). Make sure you match the SB connector to the external SB connector on the UPS. On a SU1400 it's the SB120 plug. [Buy from PowerWerx]. Also purchase a connector with the same gauge as the battery cable.
  • Put the batteries side-by-side and connect + to - using the battery post connectors and some heavy gauge wire (#8/#6 or #4), then chop off the end of the battery cable (not the battery post, the other end), put it in the SB plug, crimp (or hammer the front nearest the wire). Do this for both the +/-, note the polarity on the plug and match to the right terminal. Should look like this - To UPS [Bat A] + to - [Bat B] + to UPS
  • Make sure your voltmeter reads around 25 VDC.
  • Temporarily take out of series, put in parallel, apply the 15 VDC equalization charge for 4 hours.
  • Put back in to series, confirm you have 25 VDC, connect to UPS.
  • You now have a UPS system that has a very long run time. About 150-200Ah compared to the 32Ah internal battery pack. You could add about another 1 (or 2) of these banks, I would not push it. On the 2nd or 3rd bank make sure you parallel these banks and don't put them all in series or you will blow your UPS through the roof. It's also recommended you connect a DC breaker or a fuse for protection against shorts. On the SU1400XL the proper fuse/breaker size would be 60 Amps.
NOTE on the SB Plugs: Some older UPS systems have a slightly older revision of the SB plug, it's the same except for a plastic channel that prevents the 2 from mating properly. All you have to do is cut out the plastic center. If you encounter this, you should easily see the issue and fix it.
NOTE on wire: Make sure you use 6 gauge wire or heavier for the SU1400XL. #8 gauge is adequate but the SB connector for the external pack is only available for 6, 4 or 2 gauge wire. The SU1400 unit uses #10 gauge wire internally but it's a very short distance and the insulation is probably rated to a higher temperature. A typical way of cutting the cost of expensive copper wire.

Did this help you? (Fred)

Need Help? I will be glad to assist via e-mail. If your problem is not related to the above or is a internal board fault such as bad capacitors or damaged components I can repair the board for a small fee if you send it to me.

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Thursday, 13 March 2014

"the specified directory service attribute or value does not exist" when importing a GPO

When importing GPOs made in newer Windows server operating systems to older ones (2008 to 2003 for example) you may find the following error:-

"the specified directory service attribute or value does not exist"

I encountered it while trying to add a wireless GPO that included the newer "Vista+" policy option. The above error was confusing, but a different error when trying to do it manually (using RSAT on a Windows 7 machine) suggested updating the schema.

Here's what fixed it for me:-

KB943729 (Group Policy Preferences & Client Side Extensions)
ADPREP /forestprep command, run using ADPREP from a Windows 2008 Server CD

The KB on its own may or may not have helped fix the problem (but was worth adding anyway). ADPREP updated the schema and certainly fixed it.